Long Term Residence Permit

Applicants who have lived in Turkey can apply for long-term residence if they meet the following requirements:

• Resided in Turkey for a minimum of eight (8) years consecutively and consistently. Short-term absences are permitted, but any time over six (6) months within one (1) year or more in total shall forfeit the right to apply for long-term residency.
• Financially self-sufficient and has not received any financial support from the Turkish Government in the last three (3) years.
• The policyholder of valid private health insurance.
• No criminal record, or any record or incident posing a threat to the public or a compromise to public security.

How to Apply?

• To apply, applicants who meet the above criteria must visit their provincial security directorate or the immigration office they reside with their current passport and Turkish ID.
• The long-term residence permit is valid provided beholder does not reside outside of Turkey for more than one (1) year. Exceptions to this rule include exiting Turkey for more than one (1) year for reasons of health, education, or compulsory public service in the beholder’s native homeland.
• Long-term residence permit holders have the same rights as Turkish Citizens with the exception of the following:
• Compulsory military service.
• The right to vote and be elected.
• Entering public service.
• Exemption from customs duties when importing vehicles.

Requirements and Documents:

• Original and photocopy of passport. Passport copy notarized by the Turkish Noter. (Passport will need to be translated by a sworn translator at the Turkish Notary office.)
• Current residence permit and Turkish ID.
• Two (2) photographs (must be biometric) and not older than six (6) months.
• A document confirming no financial aid received from the Turkish Government or Organisations in the past three (3) years.
• Police clearance certificate.
• Evidence of financial independence. Note: financial independence is defined by Turkish immigration as proof of funds equivalent to the Turkish minimum wage index (currently $500 USD per month of stay).
• Valid medical insurance.

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