About Oz Istanbul

Oz Istanbul is one of the largest and leading business group worldwide with the head office based in Istanbul, Turkey. It has 18 offices to cater the needs of locals and foreign nationals in different sectors.

Our team is comprising of experts in different sectors provides comprehensive consulting services and solution to the customers worldwide. WE offers our clients customizes and personalized solutions.

Additionally, Oz Istanbul is committed to provide higher service standard in order to outsource investment management for its clients.

We know the local markets and best marketing strategies to guarantee you, great returns for your investment. We provide best investment solutions like fixed income returns, exclusive investment opportunities and secured investment.

You may fully relay on Oz Istanbul’s financial experts for information, valuable insights and best investment strategies which are specially tailored for its customers to achieve the goal set by them.

Our Active Businesses:

A globally structured portfolio offers investors diversity through multi-jurisdiction exposure to global investment trend. Our professional team can guide you through the various options, ensuring your investment gives you the possible best returns.

We update our clients with the latest market analysis, news, forecasts and professional insights.

Oz İstanbul provides exclusive opportunities to build you investment portfolio in order to get diverse returns in fast –growths hot spot.

Our secure and protected investment strategies covers all level of risks for you which may give you more confidence in us.

Whatever your investment needs and goals are, our team have options to serve your needs!

Our Values


We do not work with anything lesser than the best. We're a leading real estate company in Turkey that works across local markets and delivers unrivaled customer service.


Our team is a group of the most inspirational experts in Turkey. Providing customers with the best advice through commitment and expert knowledge.


We prioritize our customers and their needs above all our values. We respect the trust that you put in us and strive to satisfy the necessary requirements.


Providing you with utmost work transparency by putting our experience, our skills, and the right contacts before you.


We provide services that contribute to the development and promotion of sustainability, safety and security of your investments ensuring highest return on your investment


Every matter is dealt with productive and contemporary measures so that this journey becomes as pleasant, painless, and trustworthy as possible.

Our Happy Customers

A professional establishment for all the documentation requirements for citizenship and residency purposes in Turkey. Lawyers are present and even real estate matters are properly addressed. One stop shop for all your needs!
by Muhammad Siraj
ÖZ Istanbul Group Is one of the best Real Estate Company in Turkey. It's Staff members are very kind. I'm completely satisfied with their services.
by Qasim Hashmi
Best place if you want information regarding immigration and visa in turkey. The staff guides you properly. Very professional team
by Usman Aslaam
Excellent service, very professional, They were able to answer my incessant questions very quickly, and made the entire imigration process much easier. Thank you so much will definitely recommend them to others.
by Tayyaba Aslam
Best services.appreciate öz istanbul.They provide all needs of foreigns we bought home from öz istanbul real estate we did our language course there and we got our TRC from them.Very satisfied from all of thier services.Very professional staff.The owner of this company is very nice guy who always help and care to all foreigners
by Ali Ahmed

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