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Questions about Turkish Citizenship

Yes, you can apply in this way. You can submit your application by declaring the total value of all the real estates you receive.

Citizenship applications can only be made with the properties purchased after the date of 20th September 2018.

Yes, your spouse and all your children under 18 can get Turkish citizenship.


All nationalities who is able to purchase property in Turkey, may apply for Turkish citizenship by property investment.

Only you and your first-degree relatives (spouse and children under 18) can apply for citizenship.

In case you give our Company a power of attorney, our Legal Department will follow up all processes related to your Turkish citizenship transactions.

All the property values must be paid by a bank transfer to the Properties Seller.

It takes between 4 to 6 months, but the Turkish Government is eager to reduce this time.

Our expert legal team will help you and to guide you to find your best real estate investment choice, get the required documents and all through the process until you receive your Turkish ID and your Turkish passport.

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